Espen's travel home photos

The future by night

I have seen the future. A taxi ride in Dubai by night. Development is above extensive and these Arabs are trying to run the world from this place. It might seem like a beach and shopping destination but this is becoming a hub for many important industries. Internet city, knowledge village, media city are all filled with big offices of international companies.

Arrived around seven pm after taking the slowest catamaran in the world from Bandar-e Abbas in Iran to the port in Dubai. Met a fascinating French guy named Pierre who is travelling and performing for children in schools in different countries. His show was about a young australian aboriginal who goes out to explore the world to learn about music. In each continent he discovers a new instrument. Pierre plays guitar and the children sings along and dances. The story teaches the kids about different cultures as well as taking care of the planet. I hope Pierre gets as far as Australia so he can do his performance in a school with aboriginal kids.

Being a five-star backpacker I am staying at the Sheraton on Jumeirah beach. Just for two nights before my friend Charlotte arrives. She goes to university here and I will stay with her. The beach is nice but I must say I disagree with the number of stars the hotel brag about. Will post a review later.

Relaxing at Jumeirah Beach Hotel in front of the Burj Al Arab.

What to do in Dubai? Beach and shopping off course. The morning was spent hangover on the beach. Four beers was more than enough to make my head spin after over two months in Iran. In the afternoon I went to the mall of the emirates which I think is the largest shopping center outside America. Going back later to buy a nice shirt from Zara so I can dress to impress tonight. They even have an indoor ski slope there and I will probably go snowboarding there.