Espen's travel home photos


The cleaning guy at Mashhad Hostel, a young iranian with some sort of brain damage, the grubby Amir Kabir street and a the sight of a broken lock for my backpack after spending the day on the streets of Tehran made me move to Hotel Naderi on Jomhuri Avenue. The price is nearly tripled but even though the hotel is only a short ten minute stroll from the hostel it is in a better area with some restaurants and tea-houses. Gave Razieh, the Iranian girl I met on the train, a call and I will be meeting up with her, Marcy, her twin-sister, and the two Italian guys from the train later. We have dinner and she continue her rant about the government. Politics and religion do not belong together she says. People are tired of all the rules from the government. Women must wear hijab to cover their hair, they are not allowed to divorce without consent from their husband, alcohol is not allowed, are some of the restrictions that make the western world attract young, liberal and educated Iranians. This month the government has banned live music from traditional resturants. Razieh says that to deny a child candy will only result in a enormous need for it. Drugs, especially heroin, is a big problem in Iran. And parties in private with alcohol is rumordly a lot wilder than going out to a bar for a drink in Norway.