Espen's travel home photos

Dinner and a show

My friend Charlotte has become sick and busy studying so I am pretty much left to myself here in Dubai. Asked the concierge to recommend a good Indian restaurant nearby and he pointed in the direction of the Seashell hotel. Inside there were two other guests and seven waiters. I order a curry and then out of the kitchen comes eight fantastic looking Asian girls in robes. I wondered whether to ask if they were on the menu as well but as the area around here has a lot of prostitutes the waiter would probably not get my joke and turn up with the girls instead. After being served the curry, without rice which I have to make a new order for, just as I chew the first bite the Asian girls walks outside of a room into what is now a stage on the other side of the room. An Indian guy with a microphone starts singing and the girls now dressed in very revealing tight dresses dances around on stage. After two months in Iran this is both heaven and torture at the same time. I was assigned a table in the back and later in the evening I see why. The other tables fill up with Indians throwing cards on the stage, not sure if it is business cards or some sort of tips to the girl. Also some local Arab guys occupy two tables. They are obviously frequent visitors, flirting with the girls and being served a reserved bottle of vodka. After three beer it's time to get out. This is too much for a guy who have only looked at girls in chador for two months.